Decorative Stone Carpet

Solvent Free Trowel Applied Decorative Epoxy Quartz Screed 6 - 12mm

A 6 mm solvent free decorative stone encapsulated epoxy floor system which creates feel, texture and colour to give a mood and style not matched by other types of flooring.

The trowel applied Stone Carpet system is a epoxy resin floor utilising a mix of natural and synthetic aggregates, bound in a clear resin providing a highly decorative and versatile resin floor finish for showrooms, offices, balconies and swimming pools surrounds.

It has an open structured surface which contains countless pores filled with air. This creates the effect of a pleasantly warm and soft sensation similar to a carpet but with resistance to wear however will be similar to ceramic tiles.

Stone Carpet helps reduce noise from pedestrian traffic while the open matrix allows dust to fall into the open pores which means that it does not fly up when trafficked, yet can be easily removed with a standard vacuum cleaner. Spillages can easily be cleaned using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

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Floor At A Glance

  • 6 - 12mm Trowel Applied Epoxy Screed
  • Solvent Free Epoxy Resin System
  • Decorative Stone Effect
  • Standard Colour Range
  • Suitable For Balconies
  • Optional Sealed Surface
  • Open Pore Structure


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